It’s What It Is: Movie Review on Devil

I remember wanting to see this movie so badly when it first came out…I think it had something to do with the goth phase I went through. Anyway, I finally got to see it (I know, I know, two years late), and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t really all that great either. Here’s a small synopsis:

Five strangers trapped in an elevator realize that one of them is the Devil in this thriller from director John E. Dowdle (Quarantine) and screenwriter Brian Nelson (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night). The first installment of “The Night Chronicles,” a film series in which up-and-coming filmmakers bring to life stories conceived by M. Night Shyamalan, Devil opens to find five Philadelphia office workers filing into the elevator of an inner-city office building. But a typical day at the office takes a sudden detour into terror when the elevator becomes stuck between floors, and the passengers discover that the Devil does exist, and he’s standing right before them. As emergency workers work frantically to free them, secrets are revealed and the passengers realize their only hope for survival is to confront their darkest sins in front of the others.
(Jason Buchanan, Rovi)

Thank you, Rotten Tomatoes. I didn’t really care for the characters, they were pretty boring and there were a lot of relationships left sorta unresolved. I did, however, enjoy the intro and ending narration. I also thought the confrontation scene with the devil was cool-the way they portrayed him was something along the lines of “Yeah, I’m a bad-ass immortal being. Deal with it”.

Oh, and on a Katie-note, I loathed the soundtrack. I think that was the most unoriginal part of the movie, in my opinion anyway. I’d probably only give the movie a 5/10.

On another note, has anyone noticed this?

If so…

WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME? I mean, NPH as Nightwing? Jensen Ackles (that’s right, one of the J^2) as Red Hood? Two amazing actors as two of the Robins? I don’t think this movie could be any more awesome. The movie, by the way, is Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Slainte, viewers~


Really Epic Face-Offs: Metrocon 2008 Cosplay Chess

Okay, so a few months ago I learned what cosplay chess was, and my first experience was meh. Some people just stood on a checkered board and took a few swings at eachother, nothing spectacular. I wasn’t impressed, but then I tried another one today from another con…and oh my lord, the entire thing was beyond epic. I mean, they must have spent hours upon hours practicing the choreography and special effects.

I’m fairly sure my mind has just been blown. I’ll share some clips with you~

I really liked this Mario Bros one, they did a good job capturing the essence of the game.

Whoever played Envy was really flexible…0.0

Once again, this choreography astounds me.

This one is a MUST WATCH. I mean, her costume is beautiful It must have taken forever to make.


Love Never Dies…Well, Actually, It Does


The other half of my soul, Maria, gets me addicted to so many awesome things: one of them being The Phantom of the Opera: Love Never Dies. God, the music is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s interesting how Andrew Lloyd Webber altered the opera-esque tone of the songs to something…more. I’m no music buff, so I really don’t know the terminology for this kind of stuff, but the instruments portray the the scenes and characters so well. And FINALLY we get some hot Phantom/Christine action! I mean, come on, there’s a song about them making love. It doesn’t get much better than that. And Christine finally grows some backbone instead of acting like a delirious schoolgirl. The only downside to all this is the horrid ending…well, it’s not too bad, but I definitely don’t like it.

Here’s a quick summary of it, if you’re interested:

Ten years after the events at the Paris Opera, The Phantom, the creator and owner of Phantasma (Coney Island) is tortured by the absence of Christine and longs to hear her again. He sends her an invitation to Coney Island to make her American debut. She accepts without knowing the sender and comes with her husband Raoul (Vicount de Chagny) and her son (Gustave). But secrets are unveiled, because apparently Christine had a tryst with the Phantom, intent on staying with him rather than Raul. The Phantom, however, afraid of the morning after, ran away to America with Madam Giry and Meg. It is now that Christine sees him once more that the question of Gustave’s parentage comes into question, as does Christine’s ultimate love.

Enjoy the embedded Youtube clips I planted below~

Oh, how I adore Ramin’s Phantom. He just portrays him so well, and the essence of chemistry between him and Sierra is BAM!

Nerding Out: AMVs

Ugh, I feel like I’m utterly brain dead. I keep procrastinating on my Dante paper, and instead I’m doing the worst thing I can think of…

Watching AMVs. I mean, some of them are bloody brilliant, but honestly-if I’m going to waste valuable time, why not waste it on something more…productful? That is a word, isn’t it? Anyway, I thought I’d share some of them with you…anyone that cares…

Oh, I’ve also been watching more skits. They’re sorta like a black hold that takes over my life from time to time…that sounds so pathetic. I love Cupcake Cosplay though, their costumes are always gorgeous as are their performances. Can anyone possibly tell me what song they used?

Honestly, I don’t know how I get on this side of Youtube. Or this one.

Just Some Great Quotes (Movies/Anime/Books)

I know no one cares, but hey, this is my blog. I can post naked pictures of myself if I want…though, that would definitely scare away the kiddies.

I just really felt like posting some of the best quotes I’ve read, some recently and some not.

“This is what ruling is, lying on a bed of weeds ripping them out before they strangle you in your sleep.”
-Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

“Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken. I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you!”
-Jareth (Labyrinth)

“You know what the sun looks like? Like he slit his wrists in a bathtub and the blood is all over the water. And the moon is just watching. She’s just watching him die. She must have driven him to it.”
-Tithe (Holly Black)

“And pleasant is the Faerie land,
Though an eerie tale to tell.
Aye, at the end of seven years…
We pay a tithe to Hell.

-Tam Lin

“Trust the wolves, but do not tell them where
you are going.”
-Instructions (Neil Gaiman)

“Alright, one more time. Let’s blow some shit up!”

“I’m the one you love, but not the one you fall in love with.”
-What’s Past is Prologue

“One night Confucius dreamt that he was
taken to visit the damned in hell.
He was very surprised to see that hell
was a beautiful banqueting room…
with the damned
sitting around the table,
groaning under the weight of the most
delicious food he had ever seen.
They were allowed to eat anything they
liked, but they had to use chopsticks,
and the chopsticks
were five foot long.
The damned were starving,
staring in agony
at the uneaten food before them,
knowing that even with all eternity
in which to solve the problem,
it could not be done.
And then Confucius
is taken to heaven.
And heaven is an identical
banqueting hall…
full of delicious food.
The people around the tables
are happy and well-fed,
but they, too,
must obey the same rule.
The food can only be eaten with
chopsticks that are five foot long.
Only in heaven,
they’re feeding each other.”
-The Wisdom of Crocodiles

“If I don’t wield the sword, I can’t protect you
If I keep wielding the sword, I can’t embrace you.”
-Bleach:Right Arm of the Giant (Tite Kubo)

Two Bad Ass Songs

Anyone here watch Ghost Ship once upon a time? Well if you did, there’s a 95% chance that your favorite scene was the same as mine-the massacre scene. If you know what I’m talking about, then you must remember how cool that song was, right? Well, even if you have no idea what I’m babbling on about, here it is- My Little Box by John Frizzell (who, by the way,also did the soundtrack for Legion):

This song is just so…I don’t know, words can’t really describe it. That, and if you have good bass, you could pop out some Ecstasy and open a nightclub in your room easy enough.

The other song isn’t really that bad ass, but I thought it was sort of pretty. It’s one of the songs featured in The Hunger Games, Abraham’s Daughter by Arcade Fire:

I Love This CGI:Movie Review on Legion

I just finished watching Legion, and you know what? I thought it was pretty damn awesome. If you haven’t watched it, here’s a small summary:

Scott Stewart’s supernatural thriller Legion, scripted by Peter Schink, concerns a group of strangers in an out-of-the-way eatery who become the first line of defense when God, believing the human race is no longer worthy of Him, decides to end their existence. This motley crew’s only spiritual ally is the archangel Michael, played by Paul Bettany.

Kinky, no? Okay, well maybe not, but Paul Bettany sure is:

Isn’t he just scrumptious? I think it’s more or less the accent and tattoo’s that turn me on, but hey, I’m allowed to be attracted to men twice my age. Isn’t that right, Hugh Jackman? Moving along, the movie definitely brought interesting characters to the table. A confused woman carrying mankind’s savior in her womb, a hic who’s not the sharpest tool in the shed but loves unconditionally, a rebellious daughter and her two upper-class parents…you know, I’m not making this sound non-stereotypical. Now that I think it over, some of the characters are rather generic, but they’re not boring, and there are little twists to their personalities. The plot itself is an engaging take on the apocalypse, though there a few plot holes I found to be disconcerting.

There’s not a lot of witty dialogue, I’d probably only give the movie itself a 6/10, but it was worth the watch. If anything, the one reason to see this is to take in the kick-ass CGI wings and armor the angels wear-it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Meh, this is the best picture I could find, but it doesn’t do the wings any justice.

I don’t know what’s up with the biblical/horror genre, but I’ve been totally into it lately. If anyone has any great suggestions, I’d love to hear them…no one’s going to comment, are they?

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